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HOT SPRINGS, Arkansas (January 9, 2018) – To continue to support its rapid growth, Timber Automation is investing more than $3.5M in new customer support, engineering and manufacturing jobs as well as capital equipment at its 145,000 square foot facility in Hot Springs.
“We’re fortunate to be in a position where one of our biggest challenges is keeping up with customer demand,” said John Steck, President of Timber Automation.  “By creating more than 50 new jobs, we will ensure that Timber Automation can continue to design, manufacture, sell and support industry-leading equipment for our customers.  Additionally, capital improvements like our new CNC boring mill will allow us to increase our production capacity and improve product quality while also creating more high-skilled manufacturing jobs.  We’re excited to be able to continue to invest in this business and the broader Hot Springs community.”

Timber Automation provides custom engineered equipment and control systems for woodyards and sawmills that maximize yield, increase uptime and reduce production costs.  It was founded by Hot Springs locals and has been part of the community for more than 25 years, first as Hi-Tech Engineering in the early 90s and more recently as Baxley-LogPro from the mid-2000s.  In 2017, the company rebranded to Timber Automation, officially bringing together Baxley, LogPro and newly-formed Timber Automation Construction, which completes turnkey construction and equipment installation.

“Our community is excited to learn of Timber Automation’s growth outlook which will bring significant investment and jobs to the greater Hot Springs community,” Hot Springs Mayor Pat McCabe said.  “As a cyclical business, prudent management decisions have allowed Timber Automation to position itself to take advantage of the current economic environment to satisfy the needs of existing customers and grow new ones. This new capital investment reaffirms the company’s bright outlook.”

“I’m very proud of our home-grown businesses who have worked hard throughout the years to bring jobs and economic development to this community,” said Garland County Judge Rick Davis.  “I have memories of Hi-Tech Engineering’s commitment and caring for this community for many years which has brought Baxley and Timber Automation to the level of success that they have achieved.  Their ongoing efforts are continuing to provide opportunity for people to work and change their lives.  I appreciate their hard work allowing this wonderful growth and expansion.” 

Gary Troutman, President & CEO of the Hot Springs Metro Partnership added, “The Hot Springs Metro Partnership is excited about the ongoing growth at Timber Automation.  Timber Automation is in most capable hands with John Steck and his team of leadership there, and we congratulate them on injecting an additional $3.5M into our local economy and creating 50 new jobs for Hot Springs and Garland County.  At the Partnership, we are always enthusiastically working with our local companies to maximize their success.”

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