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How we approach business in the area

​The Hot Springs Metro Partnership offers an integrated approach of programs and services to support the creation of new business, the expansion and retention of existing businesses within the Hot Springs Region, the attraction of companies that offer high impact jobs and share the communities values, and the expedited development of the historic downtown district.

In the Hot Springs Region, the economic development plan is structured around 4 goals:

  • Business Expansion and Attraction - throughout the Hot Springs Region
  • Hot Springs Downtown Development
  • Talent - with its implication for the workforce generally and technical skills in particular
  • Quality of Place – emphasizing the amenities of the area and their economic potential

All four forms of economic development aim to create new primary jobs that pay more than the prevailing wage; increase the amount of income coming into the community from outside its market area, and create greater capital investment in the community. The strategy is to achieve this in a number of diversified industries.

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