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The City of Hot Springs works hard to ensure that residents enjoy a clean and healthy environment for years to come. In order to attain that goal, the City of Hot Springs offers three main programs.

Clean, Attractive Property Service (CAPS) 

In addition to residential and commercial trash collection, the CAPS program is targeted at appliance/bulk item disposal. The CAPS program lends support to organized neighborhood cleanup efforts and is the site of a regional recycling center.

Earth Angel

Hot Springs offers a second program known as Earth Angel that offers curbside residential recycling pickup of newsprint, aluminum cans, leaves, grass, shrub trimmings, tree limbs under two inches in diameter and corrugated cardboard.

Knock Out Litter Program

Knock Out Litter is the slogan for the city’s award-winning litter control program, developed to address a top priority identified by the Hot Springs Board of Directors. The key components of this successful program include: full-time litter crew targeting major roadways throughout Hot Springs, educational programs to build community awareness and elicit public support and intensified enforcement of existing litter laws.

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